Got Diarrhoea ?


Here are some handy tips to get you started:

NO cow’s milk (unless ‘lactose-free’), rather try rice milk or almond milk.

Avoid deep fried foods.

Avoid very sweet drinks – These can worsen diarrhoea. Sipping on fluids regularly is essential – water, diluted sports drinks eg. Gatorade, rehydration solutions and more.

A little buttermilk or yoghurt may be tolerated. Cheese may be a good choice.

Smooth peanut butter (used sparing) is ok (UNLESS ALLERGIC or previously not tried in a child) eg. On rice cakes or white toast.

Boiled Potatoes (no skin) are a good choice if you have diarrhoea.

Ripe Bananas can also help.

All fruit must be PEELED (and do not eat too much of any fruit).

Try incorporate some soft protein foods at most meals.




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