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My Top Three Super-Foods

My Top Three Super-Foods

  Tomatoes are rich in the carotenoid antioxidant Lycopene which is one of the most well studied nutrients in the prevention of prostate cancer and other illnesses. Nutrition Tip: Cooking the tomato in extra virgin olive oil, releases even more of this magic carotenoid into your system. Also an excellent source of vitamin C and […]

Vitamin D and Health in 2020

sky and Roxy

It’s cold and our daylight hours are shorter, but Vitamin D, which we get primarily through the action of UV sunlight on our skin, remains a critical vitamin. We need it for bone integrity, muscle function (including cardiac muscle) and IMMUNITY, and who does not have immunity on their mind at the moment? #CV19 And […]

Covid-19 and Metabolic Syndrome in 20...

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Although Type 2 Diabetes has a genetic predisposition, there would be millions of examples around the globe of preventable diabetes, also knows as the syndrome pre-diabetes, How does diabetes tie in with Covid-19 (cv19), the pandemic of 2020? Those with diabetes or on the brink of developing diabetes, are thought to be at increased risk […]

My 80:20 Principles of Healthy Lifest...


1. Aim to get things right 80 percent of the time. We are not meant to be perfectionists, we are human. We are not meant to ingest the perfectly balanced healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all the time. That means that you should not beat yourself up over 3 or 4 meals in a week […]

Inflammation, Arthritis and Diet R...


There is no proven diet cure for arthritis. Arthritis itself is complex and I make no claims to have the understanding that perhaps your Rheumatologist has. In simple language we have wear and tear arthritis – Osteoarthritis and we have the autoimmune varieties such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nutrition is not simple. It is often controversial […]

Food Intolerance (Chemical)


Natural chemical intolerance. Headaches, tummy troubles, skin irritation, fatigue, behavioural issues in kids..? These symptoms may suggest sensitivity to a group of naturally occurring chemicals. The RPA hospital has been investigating these buggers for many years and I have found wonderful results in modifying diet accordingly. Want a ‘taste’? Examples incl seaweed, citrus, berries, sundried […]

Diabetes & Diet – an Intr...


Got Diabetes? Let’s get you started.. A key to a sound Diabetes management plan is learning about how much carbohydrate is found in foods commonly included in your diet. Getting familiar with a simple Diabetes Carbohydrate Exchange List is the starting point. It’s an old fashioned technique also known as “Counting” that has sadly been […]

Mood & FOOD


Let’s take a closer look at some beneficial nutrients: Energy – of course ingesting adequate energy is paramount. What is our natural source of energy? Carbohydrates – moderate (not large) amounts of slow to release (‘Low GI’) carbohydrates distributed during the day, in at least 2-3 meals. Good sources include: fruits like berries, bananas and […]

Kids and Vegetarian Eating…

Kids and Vegetarian Eating…

An exert from an article published recently on Kids and Vegetarian Eating… It’s one thing to opt for vegetarian eating as an adult – but is it a healthy option for a growing child?  As a dietitian who consults to the Vegetarian Network of Victoria, this is familiar territory to Mark Surdut. The clients who […]

Got Diarrhoea ?

Got Diarrhoea ?

Here are some handy tips to get you started: NO cow’s milk (unless ‘lactose-free’), rather try eg. rice milk. Avoid deep fried foods. Avoid very sweet drinks – These can worsen diarrhoea. Sipping on fluids regularly is essential – water, diluted sports drinks eg. Gatorade, rehydration solutions and more. A little buttermilk or yoghurt may […]



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