Covid-19 and Metabolic Syndrome in 2020

Although Type 2 Diabetes has a genetic predisposition, there would be millions of examples around the globe of preventable diabetes, also knows as the syndrome pre-diabetes,

How does diabetes tie in with Covid-19 (cv19), the pandemic of 2020?
Those with diabetes or on the brink of developing diabetes, are thought to be at increased risk of severe complications of cv19. What can be done, is not hot off the press news, but is very relevant in 2020.

You see, we now understand that pre-diabetes is an abnormal metabolic state, largely brought about or exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices, including our obsession with sugars and carbohydrate (starch) rich foods.
Hence one of the key adjustments to be made to manage wellness is to CONTAIN the load of carbohydrate we ingest. It’s simple in principle but needs individual translation in its dissemination, hence the role of nutritionists and dietitians. Did you realise that some (not all) healthy-looking plant-based patties have the amount of starch equal to 3-4 slices of bread? One cup of of cooked quinoa or brown rice carries the same carbohydrate load as around 11 teaspoons of sugar. That’s not to say that sugar simply equates to rice; it doesn’t. But the impact of too much carbohydrate in ANY form effects our bodies ability to manage blood glucose levels (BGLs) and the damage that elevated BGLs has on our physiology – the workings of our organs – and in turn effects our resilience and vulnerability.
So ask your Dr to test your fasting BGLs, seek professional advice from an experienced dietitian/ nutritionist so you can understand the impact of what you eat and learn to interpret food labels. Eat real foods and less plastic foods (processed foods) ie. Foods with a lower HI factor (the Human Interference factor – coined by Australian Dr John Tickell). Exercise consistently. Manage a healthier weight. Consider supplementation with good quality sources of Vitamin D, Zinc and Vit C, particularly as you transition to a HEATHIER lifestyle.
Seek professional help.



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