Inflammation, Arthritis and Diet – an introduction

There is no proven diet cure for arthritis. Arthritis itself is complex and I make no claims to have the understanding that perhaps your Rheumatologist has.

In simple language we have wear and tear arthritis – Osteoarthritis and we have the autoimmune varieties such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Nutrition is not simple. It is often controversial and it contains a growing body of knowledge and more importantly it takes on different shapes for different individuals. This is critical to appreciate.

Q. What foods are thought to be ANTI inflammatory?

There are numerous foods. They include vegetables like red onions, herbs like Turmeric and various oils. Even wholegrains – Yes! I do not (contrary to current fashion) promote no carbohydrates, rather I promote wholesome carbohydrates in moderation. That is because there is in fact evidence that wholegrains are associated with reduced levels of the inflammatory marker CRP. For many people, however, the amount of wholegrains suggested is only a small serve.

Q. What may PROMOTE inflammation?

There are a number of foods including sugary baked goods and partially hydrogenated vegetables oils (just to mention a couple). Of interest too is a growing body of evidence suggesting that individuals with arthritic pain may also be sensitive to certain foods including gluten rich foods.
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