My 80:20 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle

Aim to get things right 80 percent of the time. We are not meant to be perfectionists, we are human. We are not meant to ingest the perfectly balanced healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all the time. That means that you should not beat yourself up over 3 or 4 meals in a week that don’t match the healthy guidelines that you set for yourself.

80 percent of what you ingest should be as unprocessed as possible. I love Dr John Tickell’s idea of the “HI Factor” – Human Interference in our food factor.

(DID YOU KNOW? 80 percent of supermarket shelf food did not exist 100 years ago!)

Hara Hachi Bu. It’s an Okinawan saying that has been around for many years: Only eat 80 percent of what it takes to make you full.

Diet:Exercise = 80:20. When it comes to healthy weight management, RECOGNISE that around 80 percent of the battle is what you ingest.

When attempting to make a lifestyle change, recognise that its 80 percent in your head! If you are not in the right head “space” or “zone”, do not bother..
When you are in the right zone and need us – CALL US 😊



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