My Top Three Super-Foods


Tomatoes are rich in the carotenoid antioxidant Lycopene which is one of the most well studied nutrients in the prevention of prostate cancer and other illnesses. Nutrition Tip: Cooking the tomato in extra virgin olive oil, releases even more of this magic carotenoid into your system. Also an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber as well as the essential mineral Potassium. Delicious served with a good cheese, eggs, or almost anything.

Contrary to popular belief, the skin of the product is not the best part. Remove the skin before using your tomatoes or use canned tomatoes in cooking if you have a troublesome tummy. Some people may be sensitive to tomato sauces because of its high natural chemical content (see my article on chemical intolerance – an area I am passionate about) – talk with us about this if you suspect you may be sensitive to natural food chemicals.

 Green leafy vegetables are high in fiber and packed with disease preventing antioxidants like the Flavonoids. Green veggies get their colour from chlorophyll. Also contains Vitamin K and a good source of Calcium too.

Note: Spinach however is high in oxalates that block the absorption of calcium as well as other minerals, so focus more on broccoli, bok choy and other greenies.

 Sweet potato is high in fiber and has a lower GI (Glycaemic Index) than regular potatoes – that means it’s more filling and gives more longer lasting energy. Rich in beta carotenes and lutein (great for eye health) and other antioxidants. Also a great source of Vitamin B6 and C.

However sweet potato is a dense source of starch (sugars) and hence high on the GL (Glycaemic Load) and may need to be moderated for weight loss purposes in some individuals.P1010953



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