Vitamin D and Health in 2020

It’s cold and our daylight hours are shorter, but Vitamin D, which we get primarily through the action of UV sunlight on our skin, remains a critical vitamin. We need it for bone integrity, muscle function (including cardiac muscle) and IMMUNITY, and who does not have immunity on their mind at the moment? #CV19

And in a very recent (not yet peer-reviewed) study(1), researchers have found a correlation between poor Vitamin D levels and Covid-19 mortality rate. Watch this space.

Eggs, Fatty fish like salmon, fortified milks (dairy and vegan varieties), vegetables like mushrooms, are some examples of dietary sources of Vitamin D. But of course the easiest way to obtain this Vitamin is through exposing some of your skin to sunlight – around 30 minutes per day, this time of year. So exercise outside – it’s great for general health, mental health (we are spending an awful amount of time inside, getting out is really mentally refreshing), and immunity too. In Melbourne, from the month of May through to Mid-August some folk find supplements useful in maintaining normal level (the author pops 1000IU daily).

When you next do a blood test, ask your doc to include Vitamin D3 on your path request form. You’re aiming for a level > 50. If it’s lower, chat to a health care professional, like me:)

Pic. Roxy (the author’s 3rd child) at Elwood beach, Victoria. Catching some rays. Instagram: @cavoodleroxy




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